Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Magnetic Badge Reels in My Shop

 Pink Rhinestone Button Badge Reel

Check out the newest magnetic badge reels available in my shop.

As you may know I specialize in making accessories for working women.  Most of these consist of magnetic badge reels and lanyards.  Today I want to show off some of the newer badge reels I have listed for sale.  These are all magnetic retractable badge reels.  These are my most popular items because they can be placed on a shirt or uniform, and they hang straight.  You can learn more about them in my product information in my shop.

Pink Button Decorative Badge Reel

The magnetic badge reel above is a new type of design for me.  I purchased some beautiful buttons with a bright pink pearl in the middle and rhinestones around the edge.  Then I found some lovely silver metal rings decorated with a hexagonal design that includes some flowers, and then scroll work around the edges.  My husband used his trusty grinder to remove the shank from the button.  Then I layered the button over the silver ring and glued all to the top of the chrome badge reel.  This is such an elegant piece for a professional to wear to work to hold her id badge.

Beautiful Photoglass Badge Reels

The next three magnetic badge reels are becoming more popular with my customers.  These are photo glass domes over a picture printed on heavy paper.  Then these are glued to the badge reel.  I like these because there are so many beautiful and fresh designs available.

 Flowers and Water Badge Reel

 Green Tree Badge Reel

 Pink Flowers Badge Reel

Nautical Compass Badge Reel

The blue magnetic badge reel below is another new idea for me.  I found these clever compass charms from an Etsy seller.  Instead of hanging the compass from a necklace, I carefully removed the connector ring from it, filed it smooth with a jewelry file, and then glued it to a blue badge reel.  Very nautical.  Ahoy, mate!
 Nautical Compass Badge Reel

I currently have over seventy different magnetic badge reels for sale in my shop.  Please visit my shop and check them out.  These make good gifts for your working friends.

How do you prefer to display your id badge at work?  Do you wear a lanyard, a badge reel, or some other type of clip?

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