Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Relaxing by the River - Bead Style

I often wanted to stay in a small cabin on a river and just relax and create my beaded jewelry.  I was so fortunate to do this in September.  We had such a good time taking a four day weekend to basically do whatever we wanted with no set goals to visit any other destination.

I packed up enough beads to make lots of beaded lanyards and jewelry.  The weather cooperated, and we had cool days with highs of mid seventies and sunshine.  Each day I took my bead tools and goodies out on the deck that was over the water.  There was a table and chairs there.  I would listen to the sound of the rapids on the Big Thompson River, bask in the sunshine, and create to my heart's content. Sometimes I would sit in the lounge chair and read, and even nap for awhile. 

We were located about a mile and a half from Estes Park, Colorado one of the most visited tourist towns in Colorado.  It was the time for the elk to bugle, part of their mating ritual.  We went to town several times, and each time we saw a herd of elk in a park or on a large lawn.  We went to a restaurant on Saturday evening, and the elk were out on the lawn.  One of the does came right up to the window and peered in at everyone. Everyone was enjoying and laughing.

Our time there was so refreshing and I produced four lanyards and a necklace.  I could have done more had I pressured myself.  But this was a vacation!  Hope I can do this again next year.

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