Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

Today was my day to go to my opthamologist for a thorough eye exam. Of course, I had my eyes dilated and also had my peripheral vision tested by doing a visual fields test. This left me blurry eyed and squinty as I left the doctor's office in the late afternoon. Somehow with the help of sunglasses I made my way home, thankfully a short distance down the road. My vision is finally returning to normal, enough to put a couple more of my jewelry creations out on my Etsy shop, LeAllyson's Creations. These items are bright and lively. When I placed them under my lights to photo them tonight, they about knocked my eyes out. (The result of dilated eyes.) Actually they are a gorgeous combo of orange and green, bright but not glaring, and are perfect for the upcoming spring.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, Monday!

Ooph! It's Monday, and it's been a long one today. As you may know I work at an office during the day, and then come home in the evening to try and spend some time beading or working on my websites. I don't know about you, but I often wake up full of inspiration and ideas for my little business, Plum Beadacious. Then by the time I get home, I either have forgotten what some of my good ideas were or I am too pooped to try them. Tonight is one of those nights. I have some good ideas for a newsletter to publish and ideas for my craft show display. I will try to briefly jot down those thoughts for a time when I am more refreshed and energetic.

Meanwhile I sold a pair of earrings at my Etsy shop, LeAllyson's Creations. Hooray! Here is what sold today. They are called Azure Glow and are made from round glass beads that have a blue green and purple color, blue zircon Swarovski crystals, and filigree brass beadcaps. It's just Plum Beadacious!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring Craft Show

I am gearing up to participate in a wonderful big Spring arts and craft show in the St. Louis area. I have spent much of my day setting up my tables in the basement, and putting tablecovers and props on them. I am trying to design the best display possible for the show. I am excited about featuring some of my newest brass filigree designs plus some other new things in the works. Here is one of my brass filligree designs. It is available for purchase at my LeAllyson's Creations Etsy shop. Just click on the picture above.

The arts and craft show is sponsored by the Crestwood- Sunset Hills Rotary Club. It will be on April 12 – 13 2008 at Lindbergh High School.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Plum Beadacious on Etsy

I started a new shop on Etsy called Plum Beadacious. It is the same name as my regular website. I also have a shop on Etsy under the name LeAllyson, called LeAllyson's Creations. I started that first about a year and a half ago. When I came up with the name Plum Beadacious for my website, it was too late to change my Etsy name. I finally decided to start a new shop. I am not sure if I will phase out the LeAllyson's Creation shop, or just change the focus of that shop.

Anyhow, I purchased a custom designed banner from an awesome designer on Etsy. She is creative, delivers the product quickly, and very helpful. If you need a banner for a very reasonable price check out henryrabbitdesigns at Etsy.

This is the banner above that she created for me in less than 24 hours. Isn't it absolutely beautiful?

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