Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Morse Code Communicaton Art

Morse Code has never fascinated me.  I understand that it has been very important to communication, but always thought of it as something used either in the past or by the military.  Mostly I have just seen it in movies, not in real life.

Created by SomniumOfAlexZim

Morse Code as Art

I was browsing my feed in Etsy today and happened upon a bracelet that grabbed my attention.  It is really a bracelet/necklace.  It can be wrapped around the wrist multiple times are around the neck two times.  It is absolutely beautiful. This lovely piece of jewelry was designed and created by SomniumOfAlexZim.

This bracelet contains the message "Imagination is more important than knowledge." This is an Albert Einstein quote.   The artist explains that the beads represent the dots and dashes to create the message.  I was intrigued by this and decided to see if there are other items created with Morse Code.  I did a search for Morse Code in Etsy and found listings for 899 items.  Who would have thought?

This inspired me to create a treasury of some of my favorites.  It includes jewelry, neckties, pictures, and old telegram machines.  Take a look and enjoy.

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