Monday, March 17, 2014

Etsy Pocket Shop - Add One to Your Website

What is an Etsy Pocket Shop?

Have you noticed blogs and other websites that display a small version of the owner's Etsy shop at the side of the page?  Some people add what is called an Etsy mini to the page, and some use a widget developed by Craft Cult to add an Etsy Pocket Shop to the page.

Features of a Craft Cult Etsy Pocket Shop

The Craft Cult Pocket Shop has some additional features that I like.  There are tiny tabs across the top of it.  The visitor to your website can click on those for more information about your Etsy site.
  • Shop tab - provides scrolling pictures of the items for sale in your shop.  The visitor may click on this to go to that item in your Etsy shop.
  • Info tab - provides key information about your Etsy shop including number of items for sale and number of items sold.
  • Hearts tab - provides access to a list of all the people who have hearted an item or your shop
  • Feedback tab - provides your feedback comments from your Etsy shop starting with the most recent.

How to add an Etsy Pocket Shop to your Website

Take a look at my Pocket Shop at the right, and at the bottom left of it you will see the words "get a widget".  Click on that to go to the Craft Cult page that will give you the tools to put together your own Pocket Shop.  After you enter your Etsy username, you will see a variety of choices to be made for the style of your Pocket Shop.  Choose one of those.  I am using "vintage postcard".  Then you will need to select the style of animation you would like to use.  I am using "slide".  The next step is to specify how you want your items to display.  There are a number of selections available there.  Finally, click on Get Widget.  An HTML code will display for you.

Copy the code and paste it into the appropriate area on your website.  I am using so I paste the code into the side bar of my design using a Widget under Appearance.  If you are not sure how to do this, consult the Craft Cult Widgets page for instructions for your platform.
All of the instructions to create your widget are also available at the Craft Cult site  .

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