Sunday, July 22, 2012

Frog Fun

Frogs are fun and can bring a smile to my face. We have been collecting different decorative frogs for the last 10 years or so.  Not that we go overboard, we get one or two new ones each year.  Most of them stay outside.  But a few have found their way into the house to add a little humor here and there.

My husband is the one who started this, but I get a lot of fun out of it as well.  We are always finding cute frogs at Hobby Lobby.  Here's a set we found this spring.  They live out on our deck by the flower pots.

The sweet potato vines are always trying to cover them.  Or then maybe the frogs want to hide.  Who knows?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ergonomics and Beading

I never gave much thought to the ergonomics of beading,wire wrapping, and other detail work.  That all changed when I took a bad fall almost four weeks ago and severely sprained my left wrist and injured my forearm.  I have been going to occupational therapy, doing exercises at home, and wearing a brace on my left arm.

I am improving, but it takes so long.  My grip is still weak. I have been making jewelry, but not as much in the last four weeks.  I am trying to pay attention to how I hold my hands and fingers, and taking care to stop after awhile to rest and stretch.   

Here is one of the lanyards I made recently while I have been babying my left wrist. Sold right away.  YAY!

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