Monday, May 30, 2011

The Mystic Wynd Blew - BESTeam Feature

It is such a pleasure to feature Mystic Wynd today.  Mystic Wynd is the Etsy shop owned by Karen who spends many hours organizing and leading our BESTeam, which stands for Boosting Etsy Shops Team.  This group supports one another and assists each other to promote the shops of the team.  If you have an Etsy shop and can commit to some time each week to promote others, please check us out and see if you would like to join us.

Karen lives in Arizona and designs lovely artisan jewelry and accessories. She enjoys creating a variety of styles of jewelry and appeals to a large range of women, from students, to career women, to stay at home moms and to grand-moms.  Here are some of my favorites from her shop.

This romantic Cloisonne Heart Brass bookmark is perfect for your favorite romance novel.  While you sit back in the comfy chair with your cup of tea or maybe hot chocolate, you know you will need this bookmark close to you.  At some point you will need to rouse from your relaxing read, and how nice to have a lovely bookmark to save your place in the book.

My heart always beats just a little faster when I come upon a lovely vintage inspired treasure like this next necklace.  Karen has aptly named it Rosalyn.  It is a beauty.  So romantic and Victorian!

For a different take on vintage, look at this Green Acrylic Retro Modern necklace.  The green just breathes life, and the style is so 60s or 70s. What fun to wear this!

Karen is a creative writer and has a blog also called Mystic Wynd.  She features part of her poem Mystic Wynd on the Home page of  her blog.  This poem is just a small sample of her talent with words.  Read her blog posts or any of her wonderful pages and get totally immersed in what she is saying.  You can follow Karen on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.


  1. that necklace is a favorite of mine too. :)

  2. Yes, the three roses and the various sizes and colors of glass pearls plus the two rose of chains make this unique among these types of necklaces.

  3. Great feature :) I love that Rosayln necklace.

  4. You did such a wonderful job! I love the variety of styles that Karen features...thanks, great post! Aloha, Connie


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