Sunday, June 1, 2014

Say Something with Your ID Badge

Say something with your ID badge and let people know a bit about you. Wear a badge reel that conveys a message.  You have an id badge hanging from the reel,  but the badge itself can express something about you if you want it to.

I am using flat back buttons on top of badge reels to make these.  These flat back buttons are like the buttons used for campaigns or other pin on buttons.  They do not have a pin on them, but are flat.  This allows me to glue them to the top of the magnetic badge reels.  Very nice looking!
Right now I have several types in my shop.

Say Something about - Independence Day

 Star Spangled Badge Reel

Say Something about a cause -Teal Awareness Ribbons

I was not aware of the large number of awareness ribbons available.  The teal on has many causes associated with it.  A full list of awareness ribbons is published on Wikpedia.
 Teal Awareness Ribbon

Say Something about your profession -Lab Techs - Phlebotomist

 Vein Whisperer Badge Reel

Say Something about your profession - Pharmacy Tech

 Pharmacy Tech Badge Reel

I hope you enjoy these new badge reels. Let your ID badge reel say something that you want to communicate.  Are you looking for a certain theme or message for your id badge?  Please let me know in the comments what you would wear.

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