Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daily Jewelry - Beaded ID Badge Lanyards

I am focusing much of my beading efforts these days on creating beautiful beaded id badge lanyards.  As a person who works at an organization that requires me to display my id badge at all times above the waist, I find that having an attractive way to do that makes me feel good.  I have created five different ones that are in my own personal collection.  Now I have created many more to sell.

I have come up with several different styles of these.  One style I really like is to use a large lampwork bead as the focal bead, and then use smaller beads on the strand of beads.

Some people may not like a large lampwork bead, so I have made some lanyards with smaller beads such as the one below.  Realizing that many people cannot afford or want to spend money on multiple lanyards, I am trying to make some that are fairly neutral that can be worn everyday.

For those who love to wear chain necklaces, I created chain lanyards.  

And finally, the holidays are just about here.  For those who love to wear holiday apparel, I am beginning to make lanyards for Christmas.  Here is the first of those.

Each of these is carefully handcrafted from strong materials to ensure durability and safety.  

Do you wear an id badge lanyard to work?  What kind do you like to wear?  

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