Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bead Organization

Hooray! It's Saturday! I can play with my beads today. This is a picture of the place where I work on my designs. I really enjoy this room. I totally reorganized my beads this last week. I used to store them by type of bead. I had all the Swarovski crystals sorted by colors in one plastic organizer box, then the Czech crystals sorted by color in a couple of other boxes, the pearls in another, the semi-precious in another, etc.

I found that I was pulling out box after box of beads to find a perfect match or complement for something in a piece I was designing. I would more often find myself wanting to locate the perfect blue bead rather than just the right pearl bead. So now I organized everything by color. I have several organizers for each color. I have those great Craftmate small organizers for tiny beads, and Darice organizers for larger beads. I hope this helps. I will be trying out using this new system this weekend.

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