Saturday, September 26, 2015

Five Benefits of a Well Made Beaded Lanyard

 Turquoise Blue Butterfly Beaded Lanyard

I enjoy creating lovely beaded lanyards, and I hope many of you like them as well.  However, a lanyard is not just a decorative item, it is a functional item as well.  It gets hard use every day.

What is the benefit of purchasing a well made beaded lanyard over purchasing a lanyard that looks pretty and may be less expensive?  Here are five benefits to choosing the well made and perhaps more expensive lanyard.
  1. Strength  - Look for a beaded lanyard made with 49 strand beading wire. It should not break even when worn every day for years.
  2. Safety - A breakaway beaded lanyard is made with a magnetic clasp that will come open if put under the pressure of getting the lanyard caught on something.  This will keep you from getting caught on machinery or in a door.  It can prevent choking if the lanyard is caught up in something.
  3. Comfort - A beaded lanyard made from 49 strand beading wire is flexible and drapes well.  In addition, the right clasp,wire guardians, and crimps at the back of the neck prevent pinching and scratching of the neck.
  4. Function - A good beaded lanyard should have a clasp at the front that easily attaches to your id badge or eyeglasses.  The clasp should be securely attached to the beaded strand.  I use small split rings to securely attach the lanyard clasp to the strand of beads.
  5. Beauty - Last, but not least, your beaded lanyard should be a thing of beauty.  A good beaded lanyard is made with quality beads and findings that wear well and are designed well.  Look for one that expresses your personality!
Plum Beadacious offer each of these benefits to you.  See more about how I construct my lanyards.  Here are some of my favorite beaded lanyards that all incorporate the benefits above.

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