Friday, September 18, 2015

Believe in Yourself!

Believe in Yourself!

Without believing in ourselves we can be swayed to live according to what others want and not what we really believe is right for us. We can also be defeated by all the obstacles along the way.

I just downloaded Windows 10 this last week thinking it would make life easier. Maybe it will be in the long run, but now it keeps presenting one challenge after another. When trying to download the graphic I created for this email newsletter from Canva where I designed it, I suddenly could no longer access it the same way I did when I had Windows 7. I had to call upon my belief in myself and on my faith in my abilities in order that I not be totally stumped.
I finally decided to email the graphic to myself, but Windows 10 popped up a screen saying that I should gather my email addresses together under their umbrella. I did not want to do that but had to adjust the sails, and do it to get to my email to send out the graphic. So basically I needed to believe in myself in order to think of a way to accomplish my goal, which then made me feel better and a little happier.
Do you believe in yourself? Do you have faith in your abilities? Claim your right to that frame of mind and heart. It will provide great rewards.

Believe in Yourself Badge Reels

Proclaim your faith in your abilities on the badge reel you wear each day to work. These are available in antique brass and silver. Both the Antique Brass Believe in Yourself Badge Reels and the Silver Believe in Yourself Badge reels are available with magnetic backings or clip on backings. 

 Believe in Yourself Antiqued Brass Magnetic Badge Reel

 Believe in Yourself Antiqued Silver Magnetic Badge Reel

This is a reprint of the blog post I wrote on 8/26/15 at  That site is no longer active.

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