Friday, December 27, 2013

Boot Scootin' Jewelry

Boot jewelry - my newest jewelry creating passion

I first became aware of boot jewelry when I was coming home from visiting my son in San Jose. At the San Jose airport I kept passing by a young lady in the security line who was wearing boots and a bracelet/anklet on one of them. At one point when we were stopped, I asked her about it. It was beautiful, made with stones and a bit of bling. She told me she had purchased it at a shop, and that it is a boot bracelet made for wearing over boots.

I was intrigued and when I got home started a search on Etsy and the world wide web for boot bracelets. There are lots of different ones. My favorite are those made with a double strand of beads and a charm dangle. I now have made a number of these.

Green and Tan Stone Boot Bracelet

The picture at the right is one I made for a gift. The charm is a cute silver boot.  Then I used some silver beads, pearls and green twist beads to complement the larger stone round disc beads.
The side sports a large flower clasp and ring.  I added an extender chain after I took the photo. Since I already gave the gift, I don't have a pic with the extender chain.

Turquoise, Silver and Pearl Boot Bracelet

This is another gift I made.  You can see the extender chain on this one.  Again I have incorporated a boot charm, pearls and silver.  Turquoise is the stone.  It looks so southwest!

Turquoise Blue Boot Bracelet

The boot bracelet to the right is one I made for my daughter.  I think it has a bit more of a delicate feel to it.  She is a petite lady, so I chose turquoise blue elongated beads, pearls, small round turquoise blue coin beads, elongated decorative antiqued silver beads, and a leaf charm.  Very feminine!

I am selling these in my Plum Beadacious shop.  Although I have a limited stock right now, I always enjoy custom orders.  I am also making more, so check back often for different ones.

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