Sunday, June 2, 2013

Backyard Adventure – Hot Air Balloon

Looks like the balloon is going to land on a house. It is really over the field behind the homes.

We had a bit of excitement here at home this morning.  My husband and I were enjoying our morning coffee and working on our computers when we heard a “whoosh” sound. 

It did not stop, so naturally, we got up to investigate the source of the noise.  Imagine our surprise when we looked out the window and saw a hot air balloon coming down behind the homes in our subdivision.  There is a field behind the subdivision, but from our perspective, it appeared to be coming down over some homes behind us.
It was a great photo opportunity, so I grabbed my trusty camera and ran out onto the deck to snap some shots.  I think the balloon must have been having trouble because it went up and down.  Finally it took off and floated away.  It was my backyard adventure of the day.

Balloon headed back up to the sky.
Do you ever have any backyard adventures?  Share them with us.

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