Thursday, June 23, 2011

Indigo Objects - A Fabulous Marketplace - A BESTeam Feature

The owner, collector and creative mind of Indigo Objects has created her own marketplace on Etsy.  This artist's favorite color is ultraviolet indigo, hence the name of her shop. Indigo Objects, Fine Art Jewelry and Metaphysical Objects has many interests that are reflected in her items displayed at her shop.  She creates handmade gemstone jewelry and also carries antiques and vintage clothing.

As I spent time perusing Indigo Objects offerings, I found an amazing variety.  Let me share some of those that really caught my attention.

I always appreciate beautiful colors, and this anklet has a wealth of colorful beads.  It is five luscious strands of bold, wild, colorful semi-precious stones to wear around your ankle this summer.  Enjoy!

Another bold colored item from Indigo Objects is the red windchime.  Beautiful red cinnabar disk beads are combined with carved wood beads, mother of pearl, and jingle bells to create this windchime that will delight your senses as it blows in the breeze.

Of course, as a person who likes jewelry, I am drawn back to the handmade jewelry in Indigo Objects shop, and find that this purple flower jasper pendant is quite lovely.  This would be a fabulous addition to a warm sweater in the winter, or a soft peasant blouse in the summer.

Finally, I have to share with you the most magnificent antique.  I admire antique pie safes, and this one is a beauty.  It dates pre 1850 and has 12 Gothic Punched Tins in Church Cross Caduceus design.  My knowledge of these is not great enough to explain this design, but it is beautiful, and obviously of great value after all these years.  Take a look at this, and read all the information that Indigo Objects shares about this unique piece.

I have shared some of my favorites from Indigo Objects, but please take time to visit her shop and wander through her offerings.  You will surely find something there of interest to you.  Indigo Objects is online in a number of places.  Please visit those sites also.

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  1. Such a nice Feature! Thank you, LeAllyson and BEST! You rock! :)

  2. I appreciate your comment. Best to you!


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