Monday, August 2, 2010

Handmade Spark - You Gotta Love It!

I can't prove it, but I think Handmade Spark is one of the best things going for Etsy sellers!  I joined Handmade Spark on July 29, 2010 paying only $6.00 for a month's membership.  This site allows an Etsy seller to have a mini-site on

This site has good articles and SEO, which means it gets traffic!  So....

I signed up on 7/29/10.  At that time I had sold 23 items on my Plumbeadacious Etsy site in two years.  I have been listing/relisting about five items a day for several months, and my last sale was on July 15.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE! I sold three items to different new customers from the time I signed up on 7/29 through yesterday, August 1.  Hooray!

Take a look at what I sold.  Each of these items has been listed on Etsy for a long time.

Under the Sea Earrings sold on August 1


  1. Your jewelry is lovely. Wel deserved.

  2. Handmade Spark linked to your post on their Facebook page. After reading it I signed up, and it was fun to see my bags listed on the 10 Newest this morning! My mini shop name is Gstudio. Thanks, and best of luck with your sales!

  3. Heather,
    Glad you joined Handmade Spark. Your handbags are beautiful.


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