Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Aqua Dream

I just posted my newest creation on my LeAllyson's Creations Etsy shop. I just love making a new design. I wanted to use the aqua faceted glass briolettes. There is something so classy and elegant about briolettes. I purposely allowed the briolettes to take center stage, then the pearls with chain going up and around the back of the neck. I find that necklaces lay better when they are not too bulky as they go around the back of the neck. Then I added a couple of little pearls near the clasp along with a pearl and crystal on the extender. I really like the look of some decoration at the back of the necklace. It makes the picture complete and no detail is overlooked. That what I was striving for here.

When I was making this piece, I was thinking of light colors and summer dresses. It would also look great with white dotted swiss, or something with the aqua color swirled in with other colors. So many feminine blouses are being worn this year. This would go great with one of them. Then when I listed it in my shop, it dawned on me that this would look good with a sweater or soft crepe dress in dark brown, winter white, or deep teal.

Those of you who make and sell your jewelry, do you think of so many possibilities for your little creations? Sometimes I just don't even want to part with my designs once I start visualizing all the ways they can be worn. Then I always remind myself that I can create the piece again and keep it for myself.

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