Friday, March 7, 2008

Time to Relax

It's Friday, and I am so glad. There are no special plans for the weekend, so I can relax, work on my blog and my jewelry. I've been showing lots of my bright spring/summer jewelry, but I am in a more mellow mood today. Take a look at this necklace that is for sale at my Etsy shop, LeAllyson's Creations. I think it is just perfect to wear over a weekend like this with jeans and a sweater or teeshirt.

I need to apologize to everyone who wants to use the links to the "Bead Artists Who Blog" and the "Etsy Sellers Who Blog" webrings. I was trying to make something a little bit more creative with my blog template and lost all my Widgets. That is the code that creates the links to all the other sellers in the webring. I've emailed the webring administrators and hope to get all fixed within the next day or so. Also, I decided to try again on the creative template at a later time. I didn't want to lose everything. I had saved my original template, but I lost everything in the right hand column. Someday I will be more proficient. It is a slow process for me at this point.

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