Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Do for Me - Styling My Hair

New Do for Me
I am not a big fan of getting my hair done. Many times it doesn't come out the way I want it.  I find it difficult to describe to my beautician what I want "my do" to look like.  Actually, I am not even sure what that is myself, so how can she know what I am talking about?

I got a new do several months ago where I had my beautician, Tina, chop it off real short.  I thought it would help me to style it better, and embarrassingly enough, cover what I am thinking may be a bald spot developing at the back of my head.  Don't tell anyone!

Well that new do was a bit of a nightmare for me.  I do not want to look boyish.  It is not the real me.  Also, it would stick out at all sorts of angles.  There I was spending more time trying to tame these little hairs than I ever spent styling my hair before that.

So I started growing out my hair.  I went for eight weeks between trims instead of my normal six weeks.  We went through several rounds of that.  Yesterday my hair was longer and a bit unruly.  I went to see Tina, and she trimmed it and did a phenomenal styling job.

So on my way home from the beautician's I was thinking, I need to update my photo on my website and elsewhere on the web.  As soon as I got home, while my hair was looking good, I asked Bill to snap some photos of me.  Uh, head shots of course!  Don't need the whole body out here for everyone to see. Anyhow, he took about 15 photos and I found several I really like.  The one on this post is one of them, and the one on my home page is another. I am happy with my new do!

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