Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Packaging Jewelry for Shipping to Your Customer

How do you package your jewelry before shipping it to your customer? If you are a buyer, what do you want to see when your package arrives?  From my experience, a buyer wants a special experience when purchasing a handmade item.  I have found a way to do this that is fun for me and for the customer. I have developed a way to package my jewelry items to send to my customers that meets with their approval.

This is not gift wrap. It is my normal everyday wrap when someone purchases an item from my shop. I want them to feel good about the purchase from the moment they open the envelope. I use a 6x9 padded mailer envelope, so that provides a good sturdy shipping envelope for the small items I send out. For larger orders, I go to a small priority shipping box. Once the customer opens the envelope and pulls out the item, here is what she sees.

I use small cello bags.  In this case I use Wilton bags designed for cookies and such.  This is the Garden Party theme.  It is my favorite.  I place the item into an organza bag, wrap that in a thin foam packing sheet, and place it and a couple of my business cards into the cello bag.  Then a cute sticker that I ordered from an Etsy seller is used to close the bag.  It provides a thank you, my name, and my website address.  I also add a receipt into the envelope. When the customer opens the cello bag and removes the foam packing, she sees the item in an organza bag.  I try to color coordinate with the jewelry if I can. 

 I have been surprised to hear back from some of my customers about the packaging once they receive their order.  I am delighted with their responses.  Here is some of the feedback I have received.
 I loved the way it was packaged, made it fun and exciting to open.~ Becky 

Packaged beautifully in gift pouches ~Sophia 

It came in a lovely gift wrapping that made gifting it perfect.~ Christine 

The packaging was almost too pretty to open.~Merry 

There are many creative ways to package your items for shipping.  Please share with us what you do for this.

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