Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BESTeam Feature: On Behalf Of

This week I am featuring one of our BESTeam members who dedicates her artistic talent and creative voice to helping others who are often not seen by us and are in great need.  Kate expresses her desire to help others eloquently on her Etsy profile.  She tells us "I love seeing the world with my own eyes, and I'd rather live for others than live for myself....But my heart and the aim of my life is to do what I can in fighting this injustice, and helping those in my society to see that. Now that I have seen, I am responsible. I believe in possibility. I believe in God's providence. He knows my heart because He made it that way. And He's done so much already. I'm a small girl, but I am pretty determined that not everything about me will be small". 

Kate's Etsy shop is aptly named On Behalf Of.   Kate donates 90% of the profit from her sales on her shop to help others in need.  She tells for each product where the donation will be sent.  Visit with me as I walk you through some of Kate's thoughtful art for a cause.

This vibrant print is titled Hope Makes One Live.  It is created with watercolors, acrylics, tissue paper and upcycled magazine pieces.  Give hope with a purchase of this print.  100% of the sale will go to support World Vision's relief efforts in Haiti.

This photo grabs my heart.  The red dress on a child helps bring me an awareness of the vulnerability of the children in this community.  Kate took this photo while in a church meeting in Morogora, Tanzania.  This church is struggling to provide aid to those in their community who are infected with HIV or AIDS and those affected by it. 90& of the sale of this photo will go to Lahash International, to combat HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa.

So many children have lost one or both parents.  Many lose parents to AIDs; some lose parents to conflicts.  No matter the reason children are orphaned they need our love and compassion, and they need us to give from our bounty.  Help support orphans by purchasing The Morning Will Be On the Other Side.

Every person in this world is entitled to clean water.  This print, The Ocean Tells Me a Thousand Stories, is a beautiful reminder of pure clean water. 90% of the proceeds of the sale of this print will go to Blood:Water Mission.

You can keep up with Kate at her blog, Art on Behalf Of, her facebook page.

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