Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Ancient Oils

Lilly DelValle is well versed in her calling.  She is a treasure of knowledge regarding Holistic and Spiritual healing.  Her shop on Etsy is Ancient Oils and she creates Goddess Blends of therapeutic essential oils.  The practice of using essential oils is often referred to as aromatherapy, and use of these types of oils contribute to physical and psychological well-being.

I asked Lilly how she became interested in aromatherapy.  She explained that it started with her sensitivity to chemicals, and her daughter’s sensitivity to many things.  This led her on a search for holistic alternatives.  She found that essential oils were integrated throughout her studies of Metaphysics and Holistic Healing. Essential oils actually carry the vibrational energy of their plant and retain the plants amazing healing properties; properties which enhance moods, ease pain, and help get rid of disease. To top it off, these were an excellent alternative for controlling Lilly’s allergies as well as improving the over all health of members of her family.

Then I questioned Lilly about what inspired her to look into Biblical essential oils.  She told me:

“As a Metaphysician, I am also challenged with questions of spirituality and
religion. Most of what I practice can easily be supported by Biblical
scripture. Hands on healing is not only mentioned in the bible but was practiced by
Jesus himself. The use of essential oils was just as common then as taking an
aspirin in today's world. A matter of fact, within the Bible there are 33
species and over 500 references to essential oils and the aromatic plants
from which they came. This was considered a natural way of living.

As we look at the plants and essentials oils in the book of Exodus v30, I
just marvel at the thought that God gave Moses a natural formula that is an
anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, etc. to anoint
with. Talk about a booster shot. This one formula taken directly from the
Bible can teach us a lot.

You can find Lilly’s wonderful products and fascinating information on her Ancient Oils Etsy shop and at her blog, Living Vibrations.  Also, check her out on Facebook.

I am sure you will be captivated as I was.

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